I say this often, & it becomes more true every year - "I am a work in progress". I am finding that the older I get, the more growing I seem to do, & need to do. I am finding out more about 'me' everyday. Some things I like, & some I don't. I am learning to change the things that I can, & to ask God for grace to accept the things that I cannot. I am a Christian with a lot of growing spiritually to do. I accepted Christ as a teenager, & always thought that I would be fully 'grown up' spiritually by now, but I sometimes still feel like a 'baby' Christian. Growing in the Lord is a lifetime journey, & this journey will not end until our lives end. Being a Christian does not make me perfect. I am far from that. I have made many mistakes, & am so thankful for God's grace & mercy. With each mistake has come learning & growth. If we truly learn & grow from our mistakes, then it's difficult to call it a 'true' mistake, as it served a worthy purpose. I look forward to my continued 'adventure' with the Lord, as He walks me through life. I know I will stumble & fall many times, but I also know that He will be there to pick me up & set me on the path again.

I have been married since I was 17. We have lived many places, including Spain, Germany, & England. I am so thankful to be home here in the USA for good! My husband retired from the Air Force in 2004, & we have lived here in Las Vegas since 1992.

As a woman, I wear many hats. One of my finest ones is that of being a Mommy/Nana. I wasn't sure I was ready for this, as I felt too young to become one, but I have embraced it & loved every moment. I never dreamed that in becoming a Nana, I would actually become a "Mommy" to Elliot & Emily, but what a blessing it's been! In my teaching & training of them, I find that it is 'they' that teach me so very much. Children have a knack for 'opening' up life again, and giving us new eyes to see it through.

I LOVE life. Again, the older I get, the more precious it becomes. With each passing year, I realize how incredibly fast life passes, & I wish that I could hold back the hands of time. Unfortunately, we can't. So...I will enjoy this gift of my visit on earth as much as possible. I have told my husband that when I go home to heaven, I want him to have engraved on my gravestone "I had a wonderful time Lord! Thanks for letting me visit." And this is what our short time on earth is - a visit. This is just a 'passing through' on our way to our real home - our eternal home. Anyway...I have probably went on a bit too much! So I will list a few 'about me' things below. This small list in no way shows 'all' of me, just a small bit of who I am & what I like.


Am a Christian.

Am a wife to Mike, since I was 17.

Am a Mom to 3 sons - Shan, Shad, & Brandon, & a "Mommy" to Elliot & Emily.

Have a son in heaven - Christian Michael.

Miss my Mom.

Am a Nana to Avery Shade (1 1/2).

Am a 'mom' to 3 Pugs.

Miss Pugsley - my Pug that died.

Live in Las Vegas.

Have lived many places - Spain, England, Germany, Mississippi, California, Arizona, New Mexico, & now here since 1992 - we were an Air Force family.

Am the 'baby' girl of a family of 10 children.

Am 5'4".

Have green eyes.

Am a collector of bears - especially Boyds.

Am a collector of Longaberger baskets.

Am a Classic Pooh collector...my computer room is decorated with him.

Am a Disney fan - I would 'live' at Disneyland!

Am a perfectionist, but learning to 'let go'.

Love scented candles.

Like to clean house, and keep a home.

Love to read.

Love old clasic movies.

Love to hear it rain, but don't get to see it much here.

Love thunderstorms, but Vegas has very few.

Enjoy cross stitching.

Love creating graphics witn tubes.

Love working on my website.

Have such great respect for the wonderful graphic artists!

Am lefthanded, so in my right mind.

Am an optimist, but live with an 'Eeyore'.

Collect quotes.

Wilt if it's humid - HATE humidity!

Love Starbucks.

Love Barnes & Noble.

Love the ocean.

Can't sleep in the quiet - use a sound machine with ocean sounds.

Love Mexican food.

Can't stand injustice!

Too soft hearted.

Feel things deeply.

Appeciate 'everything' in life - life is a gift.

Loyal to a fault.

Love my friends - once a friend, you are a friend for life.

Love to decorate.

Love to surprise others.

Love to 'give' & help.

Am 'terrified' of snakes (it was difficult to even type the word).

Wish my Dad could have seen me grow into an adult - he died when I was 15, & everyone tells me I am so like him. That would have made him proud.

Love to learn new things.

Love the fall.

Am sensitive towards others.

Love to laugh & have fun.

Love long hot showers.

Love our country.

Will add to this list!

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